"Key Question"

Cards for Working with Children and Adolescent"

 Do you know that moment when your children come home from kindergarten or school, and you ask, "So, how was your day?" and the children respond with "Fun" or "Not fun"? They usually don't elaborate much.

That’s precisely why I created the "Key Question" Cards for Children.

These cards allow children to share from their private world in an experiential way, without fearing criticism or "interrogation" from us, the parents.

The questions on the cards help children pause the dynamism of their lives for a moment, ask questions, and reflect on what the right path for them is.

Not through appeasement, not through someone else's way, but their way—the way they choose to walk.

Our role as parents is to allow them to reflect and play, dream and wonder, and to be there for them if they need additional ideas for reflection and interpretation of life.

The set consists of 52 questions, all designed on colorful and original images from around the world, offering inspiration through color, life, different places, and different people—the wonder of creation in all its glory.

Who is it suitable for?

The card set is suitable for parents, kindergarten teachers, school teachers, employee committees, and class cohesion activities.

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